Gorilla Lax is a non-profit lacrosse training organization. Highly competitive club teams and the best instructional training available. Locations in Newton & North Andover, MA. Gorilla is devoted to providing ALL student athletes superior coaching, innov

"Best Ever" to focus on youth lacrosse
Eagle Tribune story on "Best Ever" -Jim Connolly's retirement from Pro's to focus on Gorilla program
Coach Connolly Featured in MBYLL Magazine (2016 issue)
MBYLL Magazine, "The Scoop" profiles coach Jim Connolly - This recent article covers everything from Connolly's unbelievable accolades as a player, to his amazing desire to give back to the sport, and even his unique, but extremely effective philosophies as a coach.
Goal: College Athlete
If your interest is in playing college lacrosse, read what College recruiters say they look for in student/Athletes.
Gorillalax.com in News
Recent article about the launch of Gorillalax.com
Show your support: Family, Loyalty, Heart.- A Gorilla Tradition
One man exhibited those traits and themes above all: Eric "soup" Sopracasa. He was the ultimate epitome of a brother, a son, an athlete, a friend and a man. Sadly, Eric lost his life back in 1999 playing lacrosse the game he loved most. To this day, every player who steps on the field wearing a UMass jersey, also wears a 43 (Soups #) on their helmet as a sign of support. If you would like to show your support, please help spread "Soup around the world" by ordering a -43 Forever T shirt.
z - Girls Lax Newton
a unique girls town program in Newton

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