Gorilla Lax is a non-profit lacrosse training organization. Highly competitive club teams and the best instructional training available. Locations in Newton & North Andover, MA. Gorilla is devoted to providing ALL student athletes superior coaching, innov



"Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect" 

- Vince Lombardi



Greatness isn't born, it's grown from practice - However, not all practice is created equal.

Goal oriented, deliberate practice drives improvement, while half-hearted practice is a waste of time. Deliberate practice is intense, focused, and tough.  It's pushing the limits of what an individual can do. 


People aren't necessarily born great at what they do.  Practice is the only way to improve, at anything, and skill is a direct result of how you practice.  Different people can devote exactly the same amount of time to practicing their crafts, but yet end up with drastically different results. This is because the important variable isn't the number of total hours invested - it’s the amount of quality time invested.


The Gorilla staff developed an age-appropriate systematic training program that combines statistical analysis, expert instruction, and quality repetition timed to precision to gain measurable results.


Our results are not measured in wins and losses.  Our focus is on measurable results on the individual player improvement of key skill matrixes. 

In order to maximize the greatest individual improvement in the shortest amount of time, we have a standard of low player coach ratio to allow for individual attention at every training session.


We've also created a user-friendly cutting edge online tech experience for our players to use as a learning tool to improve in the game of lacrosse like never before.



 So no matter where you stand today, you can take your game to the next level tomorrow.