Gorilla Lax is a non-profit lacrosse training organization. Highly competitive club teams and the best instructional training available. Locations in Newton & North Andover, MA. Gorilla is devoted to providing ALL student athletes superior coaching, innov





My son ended up playing, and loving, a position he would never have tried on his town team.  The coaches saw in him a skill that they developed, and encouraged. Not only is he more versatile now, he has a confidence that he did not have before GorillaLax. He knows it is okay to take risks.

-Lena Goodwin (Newton, Ma)



Jim is a true professional – he not only brings the experience of having played the game at the highest levels – he also brings the communication and teaching skills that make his lessons extremely beneficial for the player. My son, Connor worked with Jim for multiple lessons and I know the experience helped elevate Connor’s game to the point where he was recruited to play in college. He’s now a starting attack man in his freshman year! I would recommend Jim to any player that wants to fully develop their potential and take their game to the next level. 

 – Charlie G (Parent-  Andover, MA) 



"In my experience with Jim, he has been a tremendous teacher, coach, and role model.  As a coach new to the sport, I personally learned a lot from him.  As a parent of young players, I appreciate that Jim has both fostered a love of the game with my sons and has inspired them to be accountable to practicing on their own and improving.  He is a terrific communicator and someone that the kids admire and respect." 

- Brian O (Parent/ Youth Coach- Newton, Ma)



Jimmy has been working with me for the past 4 years. He's undoubtedly the best coach and teacher of the game that I've ever seen. Jim has selflessly spent countless hours working with me to significantly improve my dodging, passing and shooting.  Jim is also a great resource for me. He has tremendous connections the lacrosse community and was always more than happy to help connect me with college coaches. Most importantly, he's also a mentor, role-model and great friend.  

– Ryan M (Player-Westford Academy)   



 Joe Reale, embodies the ideal lacrosse player and coach - tough, hard working, caring and competitive. Joe is the ONLY walk on to become captain in the 20 years of Coach Cannella being at UMass. Joe did not have the best fundamentals or lacrosse sense initially. But, he never stopped working hard and was tough enough to push himself harder then those around him. He continued to learn and improve because he put in more work then the talented players had done. Their complacency and Joe’s constant work, allowed Joe to pass them on the depth chart.

- Doc Scheinder (Ast. Coach/Recruiter- UMass, Amherst)



During a championship game I heard one of the coaches ask if anyone felt they had not gotten enough playing time yet.  The goal of GorillaLax is to develop the love of the sport, not to win at all costs. Hard to find this at the competitive sports level and so unique to the program.  Oh and they do win championships, but the right way, as a team.

- Gorilla Lax Parent



We wanted to thank you so much for the incredible focus, energy, drive, and leadership that you have shown the team!  All the boys improved so much during this season.   I wanted to tell you that Andrew has developed his passion for lacrosse especially during this season.  All the boys not only learned the skills, but they also have learned other important life lessons and values: being disciplined, being prepared, working together, working toward the goals, and showing respect. 

Parents all had a great time, too.  It has been unbelievably fun season we had! 

Thank you for your passion.  

- Chris H (Parent- Boston, Ma)



 “Mr. Lacrosse” - Its fitting that Grant Whiteway is our first "Mr. Lacrosse" winner as he serves as a terrific ambassador to both his community and the game. There is no finer example of a player who embodies the qualities of skill and leadership. 

-ESPN Boston