Gorilla Lax is a non-profit lacrosse training organization. Highly competitive club teams and the best instructional training available. Locations in Newton & North Andover, MA. Gorilla is devoted to providing ALL student athletes superior coaching, innov


"Gorilla Lax" is a grass roots organization that was created to meet the needs of lacrosse families both educationally and financially. 

We're a community of players, parents and coaches that constantly strive to develop and reinvent the ideal learning environment - An environment where athletes can have fun and be competitive, but also feel safe and enjoy learning the fundamentals of the game from world-class coaches. 

Gorilla Lax programs are unique, data driven and results oriented - but at their core, all our programs are really built on giving back and teaching personal accountability. Our staff realizes the importance of fostering these attributes within our young players and have made a conscience decision to teach accountability whenever possible. We understand the strong correlation between being accountable for your actions and being successful - both on field and in the classroom.