Gorilla Lax is a non-profit lacrosse training organization. Highly competitive club teams and the best instructional training available. Locations in Newton & North Andover, MA. Gorilla is devoted to providing ALL student athletes superior coaching, innov


"Gorilla Lax" is a grass roots organization that was created to meet the needs of lacrosse families both educationally and financially.

We're a community of players, parents and coaches that constantly strive to develop and reinvent the ideal learning environment - An environment where athletes can have fun and be competitive, but also feel safe and enjoy learning the fundamentals of the game from world-class coaches. 


The Gorilla Lax Club Program Provides Players & Parents:

  • Competitive Tournament Teams

  • Measurable Improvement - Money Back Guarantee 

  • Superior Coaching & Unique Training Methods - Baseline Testing, Written Assessments & Personal Feedback

  • Convenient Travel - Two locations Newton & N. Andover (near intersections of l-95/Mass Pike & l-93/l-495)

  • Extremely Competitive Pricing & The Chance to Play With, and Against, The Best Players Around!



Gorilla Lax is an elite training program and club lacrosse team.  

The personal development of our players is at the core of everything we do. 

Our staff has identified the most important skill sets for every age and position. Then, through Superior Coaching and world-class Training Methods, we coach our players to be great in these specific areas. 

We produce tangible improvement within our players and our coaches track this progress relentlessly.

Gorilla Lax is the only club program to measure and track progress - with guaranteed results!



Measurable Improvements & Guaranteed Results:

We use Superior Coaching and unique Training Methods to produce tangible results of skill & game improvement for all of our players, and we track their progress relentlessly!

Our staff has previously identified the most important skill sets for every age and position – so we can constantly focus on developing these specific skills.

Then, we work hard to improve the existing stick-skills of our players through Teamwork Assignments (both during practice & at home).

Finally, we teach our players the team concepts and position-specific plays & techniques they will need to be successful on the Lacrosse field.

This proven coaching methodology is why Gorilla Lax far surpasses other programs. 

We track & measure performance through key skill matrixes to ensure players are improving throughout the season & staying on track to reach their individual goals. 


Results guaranteed or your training is FREE!!


Low Player-to-Coach Ratio's

We demand it from our schools & education systems... Shouldn't we expect the same for our lacrosse education?

Our impressive 1:6 player-to-coach ratio help ensure that every Gorilla athlete gets the attention he or she deserve!

Gorilla Lax has a strict NO player left behind policy!


Superior Coaching & Instruction

- Every program touts its coaching. How do you know for sure it is good?

- Are the coaches hyped on the website the ones actually coaching on the field?

- Are they just there because they help the players from their town join the club program?

- Do they know your player’s goals for improvement?

At Gorilla Lax, we believe that coaches who have actually played and/or coached lacrosse at the highest levels of the game are best suited to train & motivate the young players today.

Gorilla Lax is not just about learning how to PLAY the game – we want to teach every Gorilla Player how to LOVE the game too, just like we do!


Gorilla Lax Coaches – A Few Fun Facts!

•   Hall of Fame Coach

•   National Record Breakers

•   Professional Lacrosse Players

•   Major League Lacrosse All-Star

•   Division 1 players & All Americans

•   "Top 20 Players of all times"- New England Lacrosse Journal

•   "Mr. Clutch" - Inside Lacrosse Magazine

•   "Boston's Mr. Lacrosse"- ESPN BOSTON


A Quick Intro – Gorilla Lax Coaching Methodology

After tryouts, the Gorilla coaches evaluate each player’s skills across several key areas (such as stick-work, shooting, speed, agility, passing, and so on.)

This written evaluation becomes the player's Skills Baseline for that season.

By providing this Skills Baseline to each of our players, we are giving them the tools they need to hone their existing skills and build on them throughout the season.

Plus, by understanding where each player's strengths are as individuals, the Gorilla coaches are able to better align their coaching strategy to ensure they're playing the right players in each position, allowing our teams to be as successful as possible!!

At Gorilla Lax, our coaching methodology is about teaching kids the skills & techniques they need to not only become excellent players, but also excellent teammates!

That's how we build winning teams! 


Gorilla Lax Coaches Know – Teamwork Goes Both Ways!

The job of a coach is to train the members of the team to be better players, not to leave them behind the first chance they get. Some coaches find it easier to replace players (even mid-season), rather than train & develop them.

At Gorilla Lax, we see this methodology as a coaching failure, and it is NOT what we want to teach our players. Every player who commits to playing for our team will, in return, get the same level of commitment from our coaches for the entire season. 


Fun & Safe Learning Environment

Our coaches create an environment that is fun, safe and engaging. This allows players to develop a true passion for the game which allows them to reach their full potential as lacrosse players, and as young men or women. 



We strive to make Gorilla Lax as easy as possible for our players & their families!

We will be playing in local tournaments throughout New England, and we will strive to find challenging competition for all of our teams.

All our training locations will be strategically located as close as possible for all...

Newton Area -  the intersection of I-95 & The Mass Pike

Andover Area - the intersection of I-93 & I-495