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Welcome to the private Gorilla Lax High High School Advising Center where you will find all of the information that we provide to players and families during academic assessment meeetings and seminars. This section of the web site will be updated frequently so that you have access to materials that are updated and most important for your specific journey.

Our players and families are guided by our Ted Garber who is an experts in his field of coaching/recruiting. Please note, there will be an additional cost for Coach Garber's guidance through the college recruting process.  Learn more about our experienced team and the resources that are available to all of our players.



Recruitment Coach

Ted Garber is responsible for working with our players as they navigate the college lacrosse recruiting journey. Coach Garber has the knowledge and network to help all aspiring students.

Here is more about Coach Garber and what he does for our Gorilla players.

▶︎ Advises our high school players throughout the college recruitment process

▶︎ Is a professional lacrosse coach for the New York Lizards

▶︎ Has professional coaching experience that dates to the creation of Major League Lacrosse

▶︎ Has been inducted into numerous Lacrosse Hall of Fames and is highly regarded in the sport

▶︎ Has coached many players who are current college coaches

▶︎ Has the knowledge and network to help all aspiring students

▶︎ Is well-respected in the Lacrosse world

▶︎ Is able to connect with coaches nation-wide to assist in college recruiting


Academic Advisor

Dr. Forcucci works with Gorilla Lacrosse as the program's academic advisor to provide guidance in their overall academic achievement, whether they plan to play lacrosse or not in college. In particular, she advises college-bound juniors and seniors to create their academic portfolios and guides them through the college process.

Here is more about Dr. Forcucci and what services she provides for Gorilla players.

▶︎ Is an experienced college educator and advisor

▶︎ Has taught and advised in higher education for over ten years.

▶︎ Has developed programs throughout her extensive experience in education to advise students in successfully achieving their goals

▶︎ Has gained an understanding of the many challenges students have in achieving academic success while working with numerous students during their educational journeys

▶︎ Has been very successful in advising students academically, in building their academic portfolios, and providing professional training to students



Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are all at different stages in their lives, with different needs, goals, and aspirations. With that in mind, we have created specific and separate pages for each grade level. Click your grade below to access information and links that are appropriate for your current academic year.

Grade-Specific Education Links

▶︎ 9th Grade (2023)

▶︎ 10TH Grade(2022)

▶︎ 11TH Grade (2021)


Recruiting Links

▶︎ Prospect & Showcase List