Gorilla Lax is a non-profit lacrosse training organization. Highly competitive club teams and the best instructional training available. Locations in Newton & North Andover, MA. Gorilla is devoted to providing ALL student athletes superior coaching, innov





Gorilla Lax and Paul Rabil have partnered to develop this exclusive online training tool. Through the mobile app, Gorilla players are now able to watch a series of Paul Rabil skills videos, practice the skill being taught, and then submit a video of yourself performing the skill so that you can receive personalized feedback from Rabil’s Virtual Coach!

Specialized Gorilla Teamwork assignments will also soon be introduced through the online training app, so that our players have all of the resources they will need to gain that edge heading into the season.

As you know, training on your own is key to being a great teammate. Gorilla Lax is committed to helping you develop your skills at home, so we will be covering 100% of the cost associated with this high level training.

All you will need is a smartphone or a tablet to get started.